In the past twenty years, Patrick and Sheila Rafter have worked in/or for more than 90 companies and clients. That’s given us deep and broad experience across a wide range of industries, with particular expertise in these three market sectors:here

  1. Technology / B2B Products
     and Services
  2. Consumer/B2C and Retail
  3. Healthcare, Education
    and Nonprofit Organizations

Click here to see listings of the names of clients,
companies, and organizations we've served in each
of those markets. 

Rafter Communications® is an independent consultancy providing marketing, public relations, content creation, social media, personal branding, and LinkedIn optimization services.

​Co-founded in 1995, by principals Sheila Bevins Rafter and Patrick Rafter, Rafter Communications

has helped ‘spread the word’ for VC-backed technology startups, consumer products innovators

and retailers, mission-driven public companies, and world-changing nonprofits, and
​healthcare organizations.

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"Sheila is an experienced, professional and passionate marketing and PR consultant
that I can recommend without any hesitation.
I have found her to be very knowledgable!


Founder and Jewelry Designer,

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About Us

Our Extended tEam

Expertise when you need it.

Rafter Communications clients benefit from our virtual team of independent "1099 Associates" who are flexibly engaged if and when needed: avoiding the cost overhead of employee teams. Depending on their needs, clients
have access to talented professionals with expertise in social media,
lead generation,  SEO/analytics, animation and video, technical writing, and more --- across a wide swath of different markets.

Patrick Rafter

Principal and Co-Founder

Tapped in a survey of 400 Mass. startup CEOs as one of Boston’s “Most Recommended Marketing and PR Freelancers,’ Patrick is a proven public relations pro. He previously worked in-house as PR or marketing exec for divisions of Adobe, Autodesk, Disney & Intel; also a
VP at Schwartz Communications.
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To Help You Respectfully Connect
​and Engage with those that matter

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Wide Domain Expertise

“Patrick is THE outstanding PR person I have worked with over the years. He had a major impact on the success of our company and quick off the mark to understand our business and selling proposition. He got fast results for us and created lasting relationships for our company."

Gary ambrosino

Former CEO & President, TimeTrade


Principal and Co-Founder


​Accomplished, strategic and tactical consultant known for delivering solid marketing and web results for consumer, B2B, and tech clients. Sheila has also worked for blue-chip tech brands including: Apple, Canon, Digital,  IBM, ​and Microsoft.
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